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What was it like...

for the members of Trio Kavkasia to live and study music in the Republic of Georgia in the 1990s — the critical, chaotic decade in which Georgians saw their lives uprooted by civil war and economic collapse as the country staggered into the post-Soviet world? 

One of us, Stuart, has written a book-length memoir, SIX REASONS TO TRAVEL, about his and the trio's experiences in Georgia, focusing on the mid-Nineties but stretching across thirty-five years of his engagement with Georgian music and culture, from 1978 to 2013. 

Several excerpts from SIX REASONS TO TRAVEL have been published in online creative nonfiction magazines. Click on the titles below to open the links. 
If you enjoy what you read, please let Stuart know and pass these links on to others. And if you know any agents (or you are one yourself), Stuart is actively seeking representation and publication.

"Song Collectors" 

in the July 2013 issue of Hippocampus Magazine

A field-research expedition the trio made to the mountains of Guria in 1997. (No actual song collecting is accomplished in the course of the excerpt.)

"Guns and Dogs" 

in the August 2013 issue of Hippocampus Magazine

Some of the grimmer aspects of daily life in Georgia, especially in Tbilisi, in 1995.

"The Watermelon Hunters" 

in the Oct/Nov 2013 issue of Eclectica Magazine,

in which Stuart was featured as the "Spotlight On" author

Our experiences on a weekend hunting trip to eastern Kakheti in 1995.

Another excerpt from  SIX REASONS TO TRAVEL appeared in print only, not online:


in Harvard Review Number 51 (December 2017).

A Georgian singer lands in Brooklyn, hoping to sing the blues with James Brown.

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